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My name is Dr. Tisa McGhee and I’ve been a transformational leader for over 25 years. I help individuals realize their potential and showcase their talents and gifts. I also work with businesses to encourage strategic growth. And I’ll prove it to you!

1:1 Consulting

Dr. Tisa McGhee’s work blurs boundaries and redefines old rules about  impact. She builds platforms and spaces that support change-makers as they challenge the status quo, discover new solutions, and effect meaningful, lasting change.  I make personal growth simple and straightforward. Because it shouldn’t be a struggle to fulfill your potential. Your journey starts here. Contact me now for your Transformation Consultation.


Speaking Engagements

Dr. Tisa McGhee is a high impact speaker. Her Signature Topics Include:

Top 3 Strategies for Transformation
The Power to Create Possibility
Becoming Fully Engaged

Personalize one of my courses for you or your organization.

Course Titles include:
Redefining the Rules of Engagement for Impact!
Becoming Fully Engaged Workshop
Top 3 Strategies for Transformation Workshop
The Power to Create Possibility Workshop


Are You Living An Upscale Life?

It’s FREE to apply to Upscale Academy the place where you can share your gifts.

My new program launches soon, designed for those of you who are serious about making changes the RIGHT way.

“You’ll be part of a new community that I am curating for people who want to share what they know, are at the early stages of sharing their knowledge or experience or have been doing it for years already.”

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