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Meet Dr.Tisa

Transformational Strategist

Dr. Tisa McGhee, is a transformational strategist, speaker and owner of several successful businesses.  She created transformational strategies to help guide you through your personal or business journey. To meet her mission, she assists in empowering you and/or your business to fully engage and explore new opportunities and increase your competitive advantage over the long-term. She has been a transformational leader/coach for over 25 years. 

Waiting on others to make changes never works…

I used to sit in a room and wait for clients to decide they needed me, but now I have a global audience of clients begging me to join them. Some decisions will change your life forever. Find out how you can create sustainable individual or business transformation that brings you what you want.

Take control of your life, career and or business, let’s partner to transform

If you want to take control of the direction of your life, career and/or business then it is time to meet with me. I help people win at life! Get clarity on your direction and live the life you do deserve. Stop waiting for someone else to drop the ball. Create results in areas that matter most to you, personally and professionally. Schedule a Transformation Session today or take one of my online workshops!

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